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ACM HSG Beverage Box

We are happy to announce that the ACM HSG Beverage Box is back. Stop by at Torstrasse or Rosenbergstrasse and grab your free RedBull to enhance your learning experience.

About the ACM HSG Beverage Box

Get free drinks while preparing for exams, doing homework, etc. This is the ACM HSG Beverage Box. Located on the 2nd floor of Torstrasse 25 and on the 5th floor of Rosenbergstrasse 30, it is free of charge for all club members.

ACM HSG Fridge

Additionally, a group of students (Kaan, Pauli, Sebi, Timo and Nico M. 3rd Sem BCS) sponsored a club fridge. Use it to keep your lunch fresh or to cool your drinks. You can find it on the 5th floor of the Rosenbergstrasse. (see picture)

Please follow these rules to keep it clean:

  1. Please only put sealed and new food in the fridge.

  2. Please label all your food (Post-Its are available).

  3. Food that stays longer than 5 days or does not follow these rules will be removed.

Many thanks to our sponsors!

Do you have other ideas for what ACM HSG should organise? Please let us know!

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