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ACM HSG - Mentoring Programm

For students, starting a Bachelor's degree programme is usually associated with the beginning of a new phase in their lives. As university has completely different requirements to secondary school, the ACM HSG has set itself the goal of supporting first-year students as much as possible and making it easier for them to start their studies. To this end, the mentoring programme was set up, in which students from higher semesters provide advice to assessement student in their first semester. Read what Mia, an assessment student who has taken part in this programme, has to say about it:

"After the mentoring program was introduced to us at the beginning of the first semester, I thought I could just give it a try. I was then assigned to someone from the year above me who would support me throughout the semester so that I would have someone to turn to. This option was great for me, as I then simply had the opportunity for help at any time, which was very reassuring. Especially at the start of university, everything can be unfamiliar and overwhelming.

We often met for lunch and then talked about the studies and other things. I received a lot of helpful tips and can only recommend giving the mentoring program a try!" - Mia

For details please contact us:

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