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Google Office Visit & Tech Talks

On February 27th, we had the privilege of being invited to Google's Zurich office for a tour, tech talks and discussions.

The visit provided us with an exclusive look at their campus, including a peek into their renowned facilities such as restrooms, sleeping quarters, and more.

In Zurich, over 5,000 Googlers from 85 nations work on services such as Google Maps, Search and YouTube and help develop applications for artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. All Google product areas are present here in one location - a kind of "Google miniature"

The tour culminated in two insightful tech talks. The first presentation delved into how Google integrates machine learning across its suite of products, including Google Mail, Search, YouTube, among others, with a special mention of Gemini.

Following that, the focus shifted to Google's approach to Reliability Engineering. We were enlightened on the methodologies and philosophies employed to maintain the uninterrupted availability of Google services, accompanied by compelling anecdotes and examples.

Our day concluded on a high note with a delightful aperitif and engaging conversations with Google developers from various departments.

It was an enlightening experience that not only provided a wealth of knowledge but was also thoroughly enjoyable.

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