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Recap of our Autumn Coding Night

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

At our recent Autumn Coding Night, we delved into the topic of credit card fraud detection through machine learning, and our special guest, Roland Ludwig, former CEO of Advanzia Bank S.A., shared compelling insights on credit card transactions and their security.

Following this, Professor Guido Salvaneschi from the School of Computer Science at HSG provided an informative introduction to the world of machine learning. Then, the main event of the evening began: implementing your own machine learning model to identify fraudulent credit card transactions. All of this took place while enjoying refreshments and mingling with others during the aperitif.

The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful, and the crowd ranged from assessment to master's students. It was an evening that combined learning with the opportunity to get to know new people who share a common interest in coding.

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